2 for 1: Two eco-friendly solutions in one project 

ViaCon supports achieving sustainability goals – faster and more cost effectively than concrete alternatives.   

The Challenge 

In Hungary, a ViaCon customer sought a more cost-efficient and faster-to-implement design solution for replacing a reinforced concrete retaining wall.

With the rising costs of steel in the current economic climate, the customer needed a solution that required less steel, but they also required a more sustainable alternative to concrete in constructing a new retaining wall.

The Solution 

ViaCon Hungary has tackled this challenge by proposing a two-part, mechanically stabilised earth (MSE) wall and gabion solution. The two methods included: first, the front face of the MSE wall made of small blocks, extruded geogrid and backfill material (crushed stone from a local mine), and second of gabion and geogrids. This approach met the customer’s cost and design – as well as sustainability – requirements.

To make the project possible, ViaCon provided a full, end-to-end solution, from design to technical advice to delivery.

The ViaCon Advantage 

The two-part solution is more eco-friendly than reinforced concrete retaining walls because:

  • Less steel is needed
  • No cement is required (which generates the most CO2)
  • Local crushed stone or soil is used as backfill material (which equals less transportation burden)

The complete solution helped the customer improve their efficiency – working with a single solution provider and contributed:

  • Considerably lower cost compared to the original concrete retaining wall
  • Much easier implementation compared to concrete
  • Significantly faster delivery time compared to concrete, due to no wet materials being used

With this MSE wall project, ViaCon Hungary continues to partner with customers to offer more economically and environmentally sustainable civil-engineering projects.