Extending infrastructural lifespan – Relining a railway culvert, Kocaeli, Turkey 

ViaCon delivers a rapid-construction railway culvert to preserve road safety without disrupting traffic. 

The Challenge

Being able to extend the lifespan of vital infrastructure, such as roadways, offers both cost savings and environmental benefits. 

A hydraulic culvert located in the Istanbul-Kocaeli section of Turkey’s most important railway line, had reached the end of its service life. But being a critical part of the railway line connecting Europe and Asia, the line could not afford downtime, but needed to be fixed or replaced because it posed risks to the safety of existing railway traffic. 

The Solution

As a result of studies carried out by the traffic administration in Turkey, it was determined that ViaCon solutions proved to be the only option for the reinforcement in this section.

The special MultiPlate section designed by ViaCon Turkey was used, and the hydraulic culvert continued to work safely and quickly without any traffic interruption.


Contractor: Devecik Construction Co. 

Fabricator: ViaCon Türkiye 

MP-Spcl. 44 s, 2.90 m x 2.79 m 

Corrosion protection: Galvanised 

The ViaCon Advantage

The benefits of ViaCon’s flexible solutions include:

  • Faster time to and ease of project completion
  • Minimal disruption to traffic during construction
  • No need for heavy equipment for transportation
  • Extending the life of the existing railway culvert could both keep traffic flowing enable another 70 years of service

ViaCon Turkey offers end-to-end consultation with customers to help them solve today’s infrastructural challenges for the long term – sustainably.