Faster renewal: Culvert relining, Bolu, Turkey 

ViaCon helps reinforce existing culvert faster while giving it a longer lifespan.  

The Challenge 

A highway culvert in Bolu, Turkey had been in operation for nearly 50 years and was in need of reinforcement after suffering structural damage over the years.

As a heavily trafficked area (37 million+ vehicles use this line each year – accounting for 102,000 vehicles per day – this renewal needed to be fast and non-disruptive to traffic.


Contractor: Uğur Akpınar

Fabricator: ViaCon Türkiye

VN12, 5,41 m x 3,32 m

Corrosion protection:
Galvanised installation: 3 days

The Solution 

The original plan for culvert renewal required four months and reinforced concrete, which would not be fast enough. The planners considered alternatives and decided on a ViaCon corrugated steel culvert system, which was completed in just three days. After that, concrete was injected between the existing concrete culvert and the new steel structure.

This way, the risks arising from structural damage have been eliminated, and the new culvert life was updated to over 75 years.

The ViaCon Advantage 

  • ViaCon helped the Turkish highway authority reach:
  • Faster time to project completion: 3 days rather than 4 months
  • Lower cost of project implementation
  • Longer service life for the culvert
    (over 75 years)
  • Environmentally friendly transportation due to lightweight, modular structural plates assembled onsite
  • No need for heavy installation equipment
  • Minimal disturbance to traffic during construction

ViaCon Turkey offers end-to-end consultation with customers to help them achieve their construction goals faster and with more seamless, non-disruptive options.