Getting ready for greener roads:  

Al Ain bicycle underpass, UAE 

ViaCon supplies environmentally friendly, rapid-construction underpass solutions. 

The Challenge

In planning for a future road intersection on Al Bateen Track in Al Ain, the United Arab Emirates’ Department of Transportation recognised the need for a bicycle underpass.

The original design was a twin-box concrete passage, but in seeking a more aesthetic view and a more environmentally sound solution under almost the same conditions, they decided to rethink the approach and materials used.


Function: Bicycle track underpass for a future road

Product: Corrugated steel structure SuperCor SB-7H Spc

HL93*1.5 load model according to AASHTO

Cover depth: 0.70 m – 0.90 m from structure’s crown

Corrosion protection: Zinc coating and epoxy painting inside


Span: 7.14 m

Rise: 2.55 m

Bottom length: 20.20 m

Top length: 16.16 m

The Solution

The redesign for the underpass proved to align well with ViaCon’s steel solutions.

The combination of reinforced concrete foundations and a steel arch provided the most economical solution and the fastest installation. Once foundations were built, the steel arch assembly took just five days to complete.

The ViaCon Advantage

The steel structure part of the bicycle underpass enabled:

  • Faster time to project completion
  • Ease of assembly, thanks to lightweight structural plates
  • Environmentally friendly and aesthetically superior alternative to concrete
  • No need for heavy equipment for installation
  • Minimal disruption to traffic during construction

When projects require a swift conversion to a different material to corrugated steel, ViaCon offers flexible solutions.

ViaCon Turkey and ViaCon Middle East offer end-to-end consultation with customers to help them overcome construction challenges and meet environmental and sustainability goals.