Greener skiing: Idre Fjäll Ski Resort tunnels, Sweden 

ViaCon helps ski resort with ESG-friendly rapid construction tunnel solutions in ski resort area  

The Challenge 

Building ESG-friendly infrastructure focuses a lot on the environment and ecological conditions in which projects are built, but that’s not the only concern of ESG. For Idre Fjäll ski resort in Sweden, both the environmental and social aspects of a planned tunnel project took precedence.

The popularity of the resort, which has won multiple best ski resort awards, led to a need to accommodate an increasing number of visitors while continuing to provide the best facilities possible. Resort expansion aimed to make the resort greener but also to create and upgrade the infrastructure for the “social” aspect of ESG: enhancing recreational and health-related opportunities with a new gondola lift, more slopes, better lighting arrangements, a snow system and three tunnels.


Investor: Idre Fjäll

Designer: Mavacon AB (road design) and ViaCon AB (bridge design)

Contractor: Siljan Schakt Entreprenad AB

Assembly/installation: ViaCon AB


Tunnel 1: VR21; bridge mode NR1 

Bottom length: 85.4 m

Number of bolts: 14600

Total weight: 115 tonnes

Number of plates: 702

Inside surface area: 2306 sqm

Installation: 23 days

Tunnel 2: VM30; bridge mode NR1

Bottom length: 56.5 m

Number of bolts: 11800

Total weight: 93 tonnes

Number of plates: 562

Inside surface area: 1874 sqm

Installation: 17 days

Tunnel 3: 75S; bridge mode 2 söder

Bottom length: 78 m

Number of bolts: 16928

Total weight: 165 tonnes

Number of plates: 757

Inside surface area: 3278 sqm

Installation: 28 days

The Solution 

Tunnel design moved away from concrete and focused on construction solutions that could be built quickly (within two months) and without disruption to activity in the area.

The ViaCon Advantage 

ViaCon helped the Idre Fjäll expansion project reach:

  • Faster time to project completion than competing solutions/quick, less disruptive assembly
  • Low cost of project implementation
  • Long durability/lifespan
  • An LCA at 40% less CO2 emissions
  • Environmentally friendly and aesthetically superior alternative to concrete
  • Socially conscious recreational options

ViaCon Sweden offers end-to-end consultation with customers to help them overcome construction challenges and meet environmental and sustainability goals – faster.