Improving urban life at the Enchova river in Bulgaria  

ViaCon Bulgaria delivers a technical solution to let people and nature live in harmony.

The Challenge

Rivers running through cities can offer a number of benefits to urban residents, but they can also pose infrastructural challenges. Enabling people and nature live in harmony doesn’t have to be as great a challenge as it may first seem.  

In Maritsa Street, Shumen municipality in Bulgaria, a river in an urban area needed to be covered so that the ground above could be used as a children’s playground, for bike lane construction and parking spaces. The river covering would also provide greater safety, making it less likely that someone could fall into the river. It could also help reduce river pollution. 

The Solution

ViaCon technology and materials were selected by the authorities in Bulgaria, having worked with ViaCon before, with the scope of constructing a corrugated steel structure for “intubating” the river.  

The river intubation totalled 273 metres, and the steel pipes including coupling bands were delivered and assembled in parallel within one month of the project being initiated. Excavation work preceded assembly by two or three days.  

ViaCon was able to deliver a complete solution to the client using innovative technology. This involved CSS, making precast CSS vertical vents and shafts for easy inspection. Each segment was 1000 mm in diameter with an average length of five metres with welded ladders and a protective lid at the entrance. This was assembled using a coupling band welded to the culvert in advance.  

Also, in order to provide better protection from abrasion and improve water flow in the culvert, ViaCon designed a 10 cm-thick concrete floor on the bottom part of the culvert. The advantages of concrete in this case coupled with the fast assembly and great bearing capacity of CSS proved to be complementary. 

Technical specifications 

  • Fabricator: ViaCon Bulgaria    
  • Size: HelCor d3600 mm Zn600 3.5 mm 

The ViaCon Advantage

ViaCon offered many advantages:  

  • Twice as fast to install compared to concrete (1 month versus 3 months) 
  • Less disruption to daily life and traffic and greater safety for people in the surrounding area  
  • Cost benefits: With time savings and less disruption, ViaCon can be a more cost-effective solution both at construction and in operation  
  • Sustainability: Offering environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions compared to alternatives