Installation of fire water tanks in Vilnius city

Small space used to full effect with smart tank solutions at Lithuanian commercial construction site.

The Challenge

Due to the small space at the construction site of a commercial building in Vilnius city, ViaCon Baltic specialists had to apply special technological solutions: a pit with a suction pipeline was installed. In this way, not only is the entire area used, but also the capacity of the tank and the overall dimensions of the tank are reduced.

The Solution

ViaCon Baltic applied a complex solution: two fire tank systems, which separately perform the functions of extinguishing both outdoor and indoor fires.

Technical specifications 

The tank for outdoor firefighting:

• Useful capacity: 324 m3
• Tank dimensions: 
DN3600 mm L16500 mm
(the tank consists of two parts)

The tank for internal firefighting:

• Useful capacity: 340 m3
• Tank dimensions: 
DN3000 mm L61000 mm
(the tank consists of four parts, 
with a fully equipped internal piping system)


The ViaCon Advantage

After applying engineering solutions, the entire volume of the tank is classified as useful which is why this tank solution is so unique! This is implemented by installing a suction pipeline in the pit (2 m x 3.5 m x 0.735). The tank is filled with an automatically controlled valve, the filling pipeline together with the overflow pipeline is installed in the service hatch.
For these reasons, the solution provided by ViaCon Baltic allows to reduce the price of products, the cost of installation work, release of CO2 into the environment and shorten the duration of installation work.
In addition, the solution was provided by our specialists very quickly – from the approval of the drawing to the completion of the final works on the construction site, only five weeks passed.