Managing water resources at the Hippodrome race course 

Tackling climate-change-driven water management challenges for both more predictable water resource use and increased sustainability, ViaCon helps to manage this at the Hippodrome race course in Lyon.

The Challenge

  • France has faced 29 heat waves since 2000 – a 70% increase from the previous 53 years. As a result, managing water resources sustainably in the region is a challenge 
  • Unpredictable flash flooding and near-sudden drought conditions are changing the way people live –adding further demands on water supply. This requires solutions, such as water tanks to both save water and to hinder flooding 
  • The Hippodrome race course needed to address water-use challenges, including water tanks for water reuse and stormwater management solutions to prevent flooding 

The Solution

  • ViaCon provided a full, end-to-end solution, ensuring an efficient high-volume water management solution 
  • The design combined two different types of water management solutions, using both our stormwater management and reuse technologies 

The ViaCon Advantage

  • Up to 60% CO2  emissions reduction compared to alternative solutions 
  • Faster installation time and less disruption to site activities 
  • High volume (with approximately  
    945 m3 net volume) 
  • Long durability/lifespan 
  • Ease of transportation and