Vice sales director, Poland

Piotr Tomala

MSc. Eng. Piotr Tomala – Licenced bridge Engineer with 22 years of professional experience (both site Engineer and Designer). He has graduated in 1997 at the Wroclaw Technical University. As Bridge Designer, he developed designs for new road and railway bridges. In ViaCon Poland since 2003. Within the area of buried structures, Piotr has conducted numerous soil-structure interaction studies, investigated structural failures, conducted national research for transportation infrastructure, and assisted manufacturers and contractors with analysis, testing, and design. Piotr has participated in writing material, product, design, and installation guides and evaluated mechanical properties of structural materials in laboratory and instrumented field testing.

Now in a position of deputy of Sales Director. Author and co-author of many technical papers for a domestic (Polish) and International conferences. A glider pilot after the working hours.