Podcast: Sustainability Matters

Who is ViaCon? What is the ViaCon story? What are the challenges in the industry today? Why buy ViaCon Products, why steel? What stormwater solutions does ViaCon offer? How does ViaCon help our customers make an environmentally friendly choice? What is ESG and why is it important? What are some of the Environmental aspects ViaCon has been working on? What are some of the achievements in 2021? What are some little yet effective changes you have been able to implement? Why is stormwater management so important? Are there any key climate risks and opportunities to consider when designing a project? Does ViaCon have any sustainability ambitions? How do you foresee the role of ESG in 10 years time and what impact will that have on the industry?

Do you know what ESG stands for and why companies talk about it? And what do you really need to know about the water management industry of today?

Mattias Hakeröd is the Chief Human Resource Officer at ViaCon. Mattias has a broad experience in several industries, with special knowledge in change management and strategic development… In this podcast, Mattias will share his vision about ViaCon’s ESG agenda.

Hans Gschirr is the Vice President of StormWater Solutions at ViaCon. Hans has many years of experience in the construction industry, with extensive knowledge in sales and strategic marketing. Hans has spent several years working in the water management business within the pump industry.

Would you like to know how ViaCon will help change the world?