Reducing environmental impact by repurposing rainwater at a bus depot in Sweden 

Rainwater harvesting tank at a Swedish bus depot allows for collecting rainwater from the garage roof to reuse to wash buses 

The Challenge

With environmental values and sustainability top of mind for private and public sector companies alike, the municipal traffic company in Sweden looked for sustainability-friendly solutions for handling their bus cleaning and maintenance regime in a more environmentally friendly way. 

Regular maintenance and washing of a large fleet of vehicles such as buses creates quite large and consistent demand for water, increasing water consumption and environmental impact.  

Could the company increase their water resource provision sustainably without increasing their water consumption?  

The Solution

Rainwater harvesting using water tanks posed a viable and sustainable solution for the company’s needs. With ViaCon, the company was able to set up rainwater harvesting tanks, which would collect rainwater from the bus depot’s roof and surrounding hard surfaces. The rainwater could then be processed and cleaned for use as wash-water for bus cleaning needs.  

Once used as bus wash-water, the water would then be processed again via a non-ViaCon tank for reuse in washing once again, leading to a truly circular water management solution.  

Technical specifications 

Fabricator: ViaCon Sweden, Lycksele    

Size 2x17m3   

Corrosion protection: Galvanised steel, with double sided HD-PE laminated coating

The ViaCon Advantage

The benefits of ViaCon’s water harvesting tank are many:   

  • Reducing water consumption saves the environment, also saving costs for the traffic company.  
  • Using a free natural resource to add water to a waterconsuming business adds sustainable value.  
  • Prefabricated delivery in one piece with all connections factory installed.  
  • Due to high grade of prefabrication, easy and quick installation.  
  • Made of “Trenchcoat” a HD-PE laminated steel quality, the tank will last for a long time with a minimum of service and maintenance.   
  • With integrated inspection shaft the tank will be easy to service and