Renewal without disruption

ViaCon helps reinforce existing highway underpass without disrupting local traffic. 

The Challenge

An underpass under German highway 45, connecting two villages, no longer met requirements and needed rehabilitation.

The Solution

The plan for renewal included a new corrugated steel structure assembled in front of the existing bridge, which was then pulled into the existing bridge.

Due to the total weight of about 160 tonnes, the transfer tracks were equipped with Teflon rails to reduce friction. As a result, a relatively small vehicle was sufficient to pull the corrugated steel structure.

After completion of the assembly, the remaining space between the old and the new bridge structure was filled in stages so that the corrugated steel structure could withstand the traffic load.


Investor: Strassen NRW 

Client: ARGE 45 – Fink-Stauf/Bester, Kreuzkapelle 63-65, 53804 Much (Germany) 

Project name: Underpass Wolfsbach?straße L562 under the German highway 45 in Siegen-Eisern (Germany) 

Product: MP200 (200 mm x 55 m) 

Profile type: pipe arch 

Profile no.: MA45 

Length: 65 m 

Span: 10,92 m 

Rise: 7,92 m 

Plate thickness: 8,00 mm 

Corrosion protection: Hot-dip galvanised acc. EN ISO 1461:2009 plus epoxy coating with layer thickness of 240 µm per side. 

The ViaCon Advantage

ViaCon helped ensure:

• a short assembly time compared to the size of the structure

• entire rehabilitation process took place without interfering with the highway traffic crossing above

ViaCon Germany offers end-to-end consultation with customers to help ensure maximal results with minimal disruption.